Company trip, family day or you just want to be Robin Hood for a time? Then apply for a workshop from Sagittarius! Our seasoned and enthousiastic members will make sure you have an exciting introduction in archery. We will take care of the equipment and mentor you at every step. You only need to bring your enthousiasm!


The workshops are usually on the outside course of the University of Twente. Therefore, we are subject to the weather. Although if a small shower appears, we can always improvise a tent! If it is too cold to shoot outside, we reserve a hall in the sportcentre of the University.


The costs depends completely on the workshop, e.g. the location and how many trainers are needed. Usually we ask for about 7 to 10 euro per participant an hour. If you give a concrete situation, we will be able to provide a complete estimate.


Are you interested in a workshop? Then send us a message using the contactform below. We will answer as soon as we are able!

You can check the price list for the workshops via the link below:

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