Like previous years we are shooting every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Since this academic year our training time is on Tuesday from 19:30 till 21:30 and on Thursday from 21:00-23:00. On Tuesday we get training from our trainer and on Thursday it’s free shooting. Exceptions are made for the introductory courses, you will be notified about this in advance.



Sagittarius has access to SC4 (also know as “The wooden hall”) in the Sportscentre of the University of Twente. After setting up the targets and the safety net, we usually shoot at a distance of 18 meter, the official indoor distance.

Besides shooting inside we also like to shoot outside at our range when the weather is good. This is a long field surrounded by trees, hidden behind “de Box” and parallel to the cinder track. Outside we generally shoot at longer distances like 30,50, 70 or even 90 meters!


If you plan on dropping by please send an email ahead of time, see also the menu ‘Membership’.

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