Always wanted to be Robin Hood, Cupido or to experience the sensation of a perfect 10? Or do you just wanna shoot some holes in a piece of paper (or the wall behind it) and enjoy archery and the association? Then Sagittarius is the right place for you!


Everyone is welcome to join our training and experience archery. If you are doing archery for the very first time, you can join our trial session which takes place on the second Thursday of every month, after this session you can come by to any other training of your choice of date. You can see ‘About Us’ -> ‘Training’ for more information about our training times. If you want to try it out for yourself, please send a mail to, so we can arrange a moment for you to drop by. And when you’ve arrived there will always be someone who would love to teach you the basics of archery.


When after a few times you still enjoy archery, you are welcome to become a member of the association. Just ask one of the board members for a membership form and make sure you have a valid UnionCard. Whey you have become a member you can finally buy the epic purple t-shirt!



General information:

  • The costs for a membership at our association are € 30 per year.
  • The membership is automatically prolonged at the start of the next association year (which runs from the 1st of September until the 31st of August), unless you send a written request to the secretary that you wish to terminate your membership. This must be done at least three months prior to the start of the next association year.
  • You must be in the possession of a UnionCard (or CampusCard) to be member of an association on campus, that also means our association.
  • The association is obliged to enlist every member to the Dutch Archery Bond (“Nederlandse Handboog Bond (NHB)). The costs associated with this will be passed on to the relevant member. The membership to the NHB serves, among other things, as liability insurance during archery activities and is mandatory when participating in competitions. You will receive a member card as proof of membership to the NHB.
  • You are supposed to help with running the bar shifts in the canteen of the Sports Center (see also the menu ‘Members’ -> ‘Barshifts’). The website of the Sports Canteen can be found here (
  • Payments to the association must occur within 30 days.

Members can always terminate their membership by sending an email to the secretary or by writing a letter to the association (the contact details can be found under the header ‘About us’ -> ‘Contact’). As our membership goes per academic year and the membership to the NHB goes per calendar year, it is necessary to contact the board about the termination of your membership well in advance to prevent new fees from the NHB. Fees paid for parts of a year cannot be refunded!

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