NSK Archery 2022

We are proud to announce that Sagittarius is organizing the NSK Archery in 2022 for all the student archers in the Netherlands. The event will be on the 14th of May

We will be shooting 30 arrows from 18 metres, trying to get the highest score possible. The match will start at 11.00, with the registration opening at 10.00 (so be on time!), and will last until about 17.00. At the end of the match there will be a prize ceremony. After the prize ceremony, it is possible to join for dinner in the Sportscantine and at 19.00 we will be moving to our well known Vestingbar. After all the partying is done, you can stay the night in the same hall the match will be held in.

The match will be held in SC1 of the Sportscentre, and the entrée fee will be € 8,50 . If you want to join the dinner or stay the night, the dinner will be 10 euros extra and the stay 11. The overnight stay does include breakfast. You will have to arrange your own lunch for during the match, though you can order at the Sportscentre as well. So:

Match – €8.50
Match/Dinner – €18.50
Match/Dinner/Night – €29.50

Match/Night – €19.50

If you want to sign up for the match and/or dinner, please do so before the 6th of May and if you want to stay the night please sign up before the 24th of April. You can sign up by filling in the following form: https://forms.gle/Y5Nv9a4qxBZL2UAy8, and transfer the correct amount to the following account: NL83 RABO 0139 2102 45 in the name of SHBV Sagittarius.

Put in the payment description:
– your name
– your association
– what you are signing up for (match/dinner/overnight stay)
Only after you have paid will your registration be complete!The address is De Hems 20, 7522 NL Enschede, and is quite accessible by train/bus.
For the sleepover, you will have to bring your own sleeping mat & bag.
(Sidenote: depending on how many people will stay the night, the sleeping location might change)
Let’s make it a great NSK, and hope to see you during the match!
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