The association relies heavily on the work the various committees do for the association. Whithout these committees the association wouldn’t be the sameĀ  as to how it is now. The following is an overview of the committees we have. For some of the committees we are looking for members to join them. If you are interested in joining a committe, speak to one of the board members or send them an email.

SexCie: The SexCie is the activity commission which organizes activiteis for the members outside of the trainings. In the previous year we have done things like ice skating and archery tag due to the work of the axie

WedCo: The WedCo organizes our yearly A-status match from which people from all over The Netherlands come to Enschede to join our match.

MatCo: The MatCo is the materials committee and tasked with the maintenance of the bows, arrows and other materials we have at the association. Because one of the members will leave the association soon, we are looking for a new volunteer to join this committee.

KasCo: The KasCo is the committee that controls the work of the treasurer of the association and checks the accounting. We are currently looking for one more member to join the KasCo